About Our School

CM Prep Online Private School at a Glance

At Coast to Mountains Preparatory Academy (CM Prep), your child can learn in the ways that are right for them—at home, on the road, or wherever there’s an internet connection.

Open to full-time North Carolina residents in grades K–12*

Scholarships for qualified students, some covering full tuition!

Engaging K12 curriculum designed for online learning

Small group instruction and one-to-one support

Instruction from certified teachers experienced in online learning

In-demand career pathways in business and information technology

Flexible online learning schedule

Opportunities to gain practical knowledge and workplace skills

Field trips, social events, and clubs

Support and services for students with special needs

In-Person Instruction Opportunities

At Coast to Mountains Preparatory Academy (CM Prep), we strive to personalize the student learning experience by offering opportunities to attend in-person sessions at our Apex location. We will continue to evaluate additional site locations for in-person instruction opportunities as the interest grows amongst our school community.

The Support You and Your Student Need

Our teachers are committed to helping your family succeed with online learning. They provide instruction and support as your child works through the curriculum. And they keep the lines of communication open through:

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You’ll also receive textbooks and other hands-on materials delivered right to your door! These offline materials complement the interactive online elements of the lessons and vary by grade and course.

**Coast to Mountains Preparatory Academy is currently enrolling students in grades K–11 for the 2023–2024 school year. Grade 12 will be added for the 2024–2025 school year.

**Course materials vary by course. Please check with CM Prep staff to see what offline course materials are provided.