Student Life

Social Opportunities for CM Prep Students

At Coast to Mountain Preparatory Academy, we believe hanging out and making friends online is just as important as hitting the books.

We have lots of fun student activities!

Our online clubs and extracurriculars are a great way to connect with peers, learn new things, share interests and passions, and just have a blast with your classmates and teachers! Check out these clubs and contact your teacher to sign up!

Anime Club

Open to students in grade 5 and above.

Whether you are an anime fan or not, you’re welcome to hang out on Friday afternoons to play games and watch shows and movies. 

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Arts & Crafts Club

Open to all students.

Creativity takes center stage in this club where students explore various artistic techniques and materials, bringing their imaginative ideas to life through hands-on projects and collaborative activities. 

Student painting
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Book Club

Open to students in grades 2–5.

Get together with other students to read books and talk about them. 

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Christian Club

Open to all students.

This is a welcoming space where students discover the values of faith, kindness, and community through bible stories, worship songs, and prayer.

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D&D Club

Space is limited to 10 players and parental permission is required.

Whether you are D&D expert or novice, join us to learn about character creation, role playing, and working together. 

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E-Sports Club

Open to all students.

Young gamers compete and have fun in the world of digital sports. Students develop teamwork, strategic thinking, and good sportsmanship while participating in online gaming.

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K12 Zone Developers Club

Open to all students.

Join us every other Monday afternoon to design fun activities in the K12 Zone. If you’re good at games like Minecraft or Roblox, this is the club for you!

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Lego Club

Open to all students.

Let your creativity run wild with colorful bricks! Students learn problem-solving, teamwork, and engineering concepts while having a blast building their own creations.

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Science Club

Open to all students.

Discover the joy of scientific discovery through hands-on experiments, cool books, science videos, and other fun activities!

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World Languages Club

Open to all students.

Explore languages from around the globe and the rich cultures they represent. Experience mini-lessons, language practice, music, art, and other fun activities!

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Young Author’s Club

Open to all students.

Are you passionate about researching, writing, and sharing your discoveries with others through social media, journals, or newsletters? If so, you’ll feel right at home in this club!

Entrepreneurship Club

Open to all students.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, this is the club for you. Turn your ideas and passions into a real business—and develop the skills needed to be a future business leader in the process!

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Marketing Club

Open to all students.

Explore the exciting world of advertising and promotion! If you’re interested in graphic design, copywriting, or photography, join us every other Tuesday afternoon to create Facebook and Instagram ads for our school.

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