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In-Person Instructional Program

CMPA In-Person Instructional Program

The In-Person Instructional Program is designed to give students a combination of face-to-face instruction and academic tutoring as needed. the in-person site instructor will provide all academic instruction at the in-person site. The site instructor will assist students during their scheduled online class connect sessions and provide in-person academic support individually or in small groups as demand arises. Students may also be able to collaborate with other students and offer peer remediation and interaction. 

The student’s Learning Coach keeps all responsibilities for monitoring progress, monitoring online work, and ensuring that students follow their daily and weekly lesson plans. The Learning Coach will continue to assist their students with organization, help with off-line work, and communicate with CMPA teachers regarding assignments and class work. The program is support-based, but the Learning Coach’s responsibilities remain the same.

In-Person Instructional Program Schedule

In-Person Instructional Session Schedule (Offered Every Wednesday)

*In-person instructional sessions are offered every Wednesday, excluding holidays and breaks.​

10:30 AM–12 PM​In-Person Instructional Session #1
12 PM–1:30 PM​In-Person Instructional Session #2

In-Person Instructional Agendas

*Students are highly encouraged to attend the in-person instruction site with a plan regarding the content and/or assignments requiring assistance or additional support. *

Student and Learning Coach

Students attending the site will attend a session with the instructor. The specific needs of the student will be addressed during the session. If the student does not come with specific needs related to the content they are currently learning, the instructor will create a plan for instruction.


The site instructor will be available at the in-person instruction site to aid students present with an appointment. The site instructor will be available to assist students with logging in and accessing Class Connect live sessions and recordings and ensuring the student is staying on task with completing assignments. The site instructor will also have access to the student’s virtual teachers for more assistance (if necessary).